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Jules Verne theme pub in Disney Village talks?

Saturday, 15th August 2009 at 20:35

ImageMoving on further from the very British Earl of Sandwich, could a very French theme also be arriving at Disney Village, in the form of a 'French Pub'? Discussions, apparently, have taken place...,

Trust a Disney fan — particularly a Disneyland Paris fan — to spot a throwaway reference to our resort hidden amid a run-of-the-mill write-up of a Nantes restaurant. But, that’s exactly what tinkerbell7 did here, and it certainly makes for an unexpected new possibility.

Read French? Read on…


Vu de l’extérieur, c’est un petit bâtiment cubique entouré de quelques palmiers. Rien n’indique que le French Pub, implanté zone des Gripôts, abrite un décor grandiose, à la hauteur de l’oeuvre de Jules Verne. «C’est voulu assure Ludovic Quefellec, le patron de l’établissement. Nous souhaitons surprendre le client».

Disney Village serait intéressé pour reprendre l’idée d’un pub consacré à l’univers de Jules Verne «Nous sommes encore en pourparlers confie le patron. Disney nous propose une surface de 500m2».

Find the full article here.

Alors… quoi? This is a place simply named “French Pub”, near the city of Nantes, which has been decorated inside to what looks like a quite lovely Jules Verne theme. They’re apparently having huge success, and the owner happens to mention — Disney Village are interested in taking up the idea of a pub dedicated to the universe of Jules Verne. ‘We’re still in discussions’ entrusts the owner, ‘Disney have proposed an area of 500m2 to us’.”

So, where is this 500 metres-squared? A replacement for the Sports Bar and New York Style Sandwiches? Perhaps even for Disney Store, when World of Disney eventually arrives? Or even a brand new building, sometime in the future?

Whether anything comes of these discussions of course remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to hear that they’ve been looking beyond the everyday Starbucks and franchised Earl of Sandwich to expand Disney Village. Should the Village ever finally expand into a full second street of restaurants and shops, they’ll certainly need a lot of tenants to fill the space.

And, between the German experience of King Ludwig’s Castle and the very likely upcoming British experience of Earl of Sandwich, it would be a shame not to have this new, international, Village anchored by something much more closer to home.

In the words of Jules Verne himself — “Nothing is impossible… only improbable.”

Picture: PresseOcean.fr

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  • “British experience of Earl of Sandwich…”

    The Earl of Sandwich is very much an American resturant chain. There is nothing British about it.

  • An American-run chain for sure, but not to mention being founded by a British family, the restaurants have a British theme inside — the one at Downtown Disney even has an entire store filled with Union Jack-branded merchandise!

    Nothing British about that!

  • Good to hear that there are more than the two projects I already know of happening in the near future in Disney Village it’s about time that things where cranked up a gear, and your comment about Sports bar/New York sandwiches may come true in some respect as New york Sandwiches is planned to close soon after Earl of Sandwich opens next year.

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