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Disney’s New Generation Festival: 2010 details leaked

Wednesday, 12th August 2009 at 00:30

ImageMAJOR NEWS: the 2010 theme year for Disneyland Paris has been revealed! After the very classic characters of Mickey's Magical Party, next year will aim to bring a breath of fresh air -- and the start of a whole new Disney generation...,

The project has been in planning and kept top secret for months. But now, as the deadlines for advertising visuals and creatives for the next round of brochures nears, the entire list of new events has been leaked online.

Working title: Disney’s New Generation Festival, this next theme year will put the newest animated characters firmly in the spotlight. That means, though Toy Story Playland will certainly be the key new attraction of the year, we aren’t looking ahead a whole of solely Toy Story themes. No, instead we’ll be seeing Disney’s upcoming The Princess and the Frog plus a whole lot of Pixar — they are, after all, the closest to “Disney” the past decade has offered.

Avert your eyes now — the most spoiler-filled post of 2009 awaits! Here, are the events of 2010:

  • Toy Story Playland
    You know this one already: Three brand new attractions set within a highly-themed giant garden to extend Toon Studio at Walt Disney Studios Park. However, with groundwork barely begun, there’s no way this new Walt Disney Imagineering area can open before at least June next year — meaning a surrounding festival of events to begin in April 2010 is necessary…
  • Princess Tiana joins Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade
    The newest Disney Princess hasn’t even hit the big screen in The Princess and the Frog yet and already she’s being prepared to join the Disneyland Park parade. Not on a new float, unfortunately, but just stepping up onto the final Dreams of Romance: Finale float with Prince Naveen, giving this unit an overwhelming cast of five Princes and Princesses.
  • ‘Enhanced’ Monsters, Inc. meet ‘n’ greet
    A little patch of Monsters, Inc. has been in the Studios since 2006, but for some reason it’s now being included in next year’s new events. The leaked details here say it’ll be “enhanced”, but there isn’t any further information yet.
  • Ratatouille joins Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars
    The Studios’ new evening finale will definitely continue into 2010, with the advertised novelty being a brand new car themed to Ratatouille, featuring Rémy and Emile. We can reveal it’ll be the old Star Wars car to undergo this transformation.
  • Minnie’s Party Train becomes a New Generation Express
    Yes, the old Casey Jr. float will be given its fourth colour scheme and feature mostly — if not entirely — Pixar characters next year.
  • It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends reworked
    We confirmed this just yesterday — this year’s Central Plaza show will be pretty much staying, though is to be reworked to a single-performance finale to the day, and — just a guess — given some more modern characters to join Mickey.
  • NO Castle decorations whatsoever!
    That’s an event in itself, right?!

And finally… in 2007 we had the red carpet, in 2008 the wrapping paper and in 2009 the very successful balloons motif. Next year, it’s all-change again on the advertising ideas front — and the new theme? Taken straight from the most imposing attraction of Toy Story Playland, we’ll be seeing… parachutes! No, seriously.

The New Generation begins here… your thoughts?

Details broken by mclarkson, magicforum.

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  • I don’t know what’s MAJOR about this, there’s Toy Story Playland but otherwise? A new character in the parade? A new (well, old is more accurate) car for Stars ‘n’ Cars, a meet and greet that’s 4 years old, a party train thats so old it’s a miracle it’s still moving and a show everyone has already seen (and no one seems to like all that much).
    I think I’ll skip 2010.

  • Seems a perfect year to return to the heppiest place on Europe! At least I can take some new photos and have some news autographs from the Pixar characters oh and I hope they really rework It’s Party Time from deep inside… Making it before the fireworks would be the best option, so almost everyone in the park would see this!
    Oh and the castle will be naked again :)

  • Will there be another kids go free offer or will it finish after Mickeys Magical Party ends?

  • Hooray! No castle decorations! Finally disney paris has realised that you dont need decorations on the castle unless it is an anniversary! Just 207 days left now until MMP’s decorations go! I wish it would hurry up!

  • Seems quite refreshing! However I think that it’s important that Disney won’t forget the ‘classic’ characters like donald, daisy, mickey, minny, etc. Of course they just couldn’t go on for years with the same characters. Maybe they will change it per year.
    Also smart to advertise a lot for the new Toystoryland, this will be probably the only way to make this a a succes, I think.

  • Woo Hoo no more castle decorations! I miss the simple look! Im really excited to know more about Toy Story Playland too. My nephew is Buzz mad! He will love this next year! Tho i will too like! Only 13 months til my next trip!

  • I do hope they can live up to what the Florida Parks offer, I really like the idea of going but after going and seeing the real deal a few years ago i’m doubtful if it will be the same, can anyone comment please, I dont want it to be a waste of money but would love to go. its nearer but colder and not sure the atmosphere will be the same as the American one???

  • I can’t believe it at last we’ve got rid of the castle decorations! I didn’t mind with the 15 candles on the anniversary because at least they had a reason for being there, they were used in the Candlebration show, but the ones for MMP were just pointless. Can’t believe they’re putting Tiana and Naveen in the parade. Can’t wait to see the princess and the frog. Does anyone know when that movie is coming out, I know it’s sometime in 2010 but I’m not sure exactly. =D

  • I hope that there is a kids go free offer again cause that will surely get lots more visitors to DLRP and it is a great idea to let kids go to disney for free!

  • I like the castle decorations of last years! It’s better than the original one’s that’s mine opinion. But furter, what a commerce?! New Generation, ok it’s cool! But what a free publicity don’t you thinkt? :P
    Well ofcource we’re back next year :)

  • Where will this new Toy Story area be? Will they finally be chopping down that forest that the tram tour passes?

  • monsters inc will include Boo…confirmed internally ;)

  • BORING!!!! Skip Paris go to America! Those parks are much better then Pairs

  • “monsters inc will include Boo…confirmed internally”

    Interesting… Thanks zanderstarz!

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