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New Central Plaza Stage complete!

Sunday, 22nd March 2009 at 22:56

Central Plaza StageSprawling across the hub like some kind of medieval battlements, the new Central Plaza Stage has now been completed, uncovered and inaugurated, ready for the Party to begin.,

With the colourful construction walls down, we get our first look at the “new” Central Plaza that’ll be with us for at least the next year. So far: no flowers, fewer trees and one giant show space you simply can’t miss.

Central Plaza Stage
Photo: Scrooge, Disney Magic Interactive.

The gates of the old plaza stage have been moved outwards and supplemented with new additional, matching railings and concrete columns. Seen from this view, the slightly lower satellite platforms of the new stage fills your entire line of sight from left to right, each given decorative edging and sympathetic red and yellow tops to sit well in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Central Plaza Stage Central Plaza Stage
Photos: Fabawan, Main Street Gazette.

Even the four sets of stairs up to the new Central Plaza Stage have been decorated rather well, with low walls and matching end columns. Despite what we’ve seen of the construction revealing it to have quite a hollow and temporary build, from every angle now that it’s complete, the stage looks as good as permanent.

Central Plaza Stage
Photo: Fabawan, Main Street Gazette.

With this vast a performance space, at least, we can begin to understand why the signature It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends show will have a cast of 40 — of which around 30 alone will be dancers.

Central Plaza Stage

So far, the stage is surrounded only by flat grass. Considering the wonders worked by the resort’s gardening team to celebrate the 15th Anniversary, it’s still hoped that the reworked hub will see a colourful flower or two to break up the slightly desolate feel at the moment, and soften the very imposing walls of the stage itself.

Central Plaza Stage

Speaking of those walls — the satellite stage nearest the Castle looks as if it holds a secret or two. Like the stages before it, a removable panel has been built into the side to allow projection equipment for events like The Enchanted Fireworks to continue to be run from here.

Central Plaza Stage

But these satellites aren’t universally popular. Though they’re certainly a fair bit lower than the main stage itself, fans have been quick to realise that, if you arrived early and stood right in front of one of the platforms, it’s just that little bit too high to allow you to also see the main stage itself. Which would, to be honest, be quite a shame, since that’s where Mickey and many of the characters will be “bursting” out from, thanks to a hidden vertical stage lift we’ve mentioned previously.

Central Plaza Stage

So, ever planning their next magical trip to the resort, the fans of magicforum have already sussed out the best place to stand for the new show. Definitely not in front of one of the satellites, but just slightly to the left or right. Better still, facing the Castle — where the two arrows above are, and as shown in the picture below.

Central Plaza Stage
Photo: Tef, Disney Central Plaza.

Though, even here, you’ll face the perils of bright lights from the opposite side of the stage in your eyes, or parade poles, trees or even lampposts (which still, strangely, remain around the inner Plaza). Let the sussing-out continue…!

Photos as credited.

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  • great tip i will remember this when I go back !

  • great stage! i’m counting days, so excited about the new party *_* and i can’t wait to enjoy the show

  • amazing stage, can’t wait to see it for real :)

  • gailytennant  26th March 2009, 12:57

    Looks great! Cant wait to see it in the flesh!! Only 7 wks and 6 days to go! ;)

  • Looks faboulus! I love the design and machanism on it! Must be the best park stage in the world on design!

  • i love the new stage

  • Fantastic stage! Its sure to stay for a long time!

  • Nixie  4 days ago

    Unbelievable that so much time and money is spent on this stage, while 50 meters around the corner a great stage with seating area remains unused. The reason for building the Castle stage to the side was NOT to disturb trafic on the Hub and through the Castle during performance as experienced in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. To me the entire staging thing in the middle of Central Plaza ruins the experience. Now there’s 4 stages (3 indoor and 1 outdoor) that are idle for most of the year and yet a new stage was built. It’s ridiculous!
    Just my 2 cents.

  • disneyland paris rocks and i live in new work

  • ilove the stage and that thay show the disney villains halloween show time again and with dr.firlir and a rising elifator in the stage so it looks like pepole apier out of noware

  • i wish i couid go thair in halloween it wouid be asiome to see the disney villains halloween showthime with dr.firlir and i love caption hook and frillo

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