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Final call for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show natives

Tuesday, 17th March 2009 at 23:58

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ...with Mickey and Friends!As you read this, the final performance of the original Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at Disney Village has come to an end. This Friday, a new set of stars arrive to disturb the natives...,

Whilst various aspects of the build-up to Mickey’s Magical Party have been met with a little concern from longtime Disneyland Resort Paris fans — there’s a PR-friendly way of saying it — none have been met with that classic Disney fan anger more than the plan to introduce Mickey Mouse and friends to the usually very historically-accurate Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The bad news for those fans? The final performance (at least for this year) of the original show was at 21:30 earlier tonight, Tuesday 17th March 2009. And, after two days’ break, this Friday 20th March 2009 will see the very first “soft opening” performance of the new Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show… with Mickey and Friends, as it will now be titled.

The marketing visuals we posted previously have been given their final treatment:

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ...with Mickey and Friends!

So what exactly has changed? A full press release was recently published in French, which we’ve translated below:

MARNE-LA-VALLÉE, France — It’s a grand premiere! From 4th April 2009, Mickey and his friends, Minnie, Goofy and Chip ‘n’ Dale invite guests to join them at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

They allow the audience to relive the conquest of the American West and to meet Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley and the cowboys of the Wild West.

Right from the moment they arrive, guests will be welcomed by Mickey and invited to step into a souvenir photo to capture a memory of this evening filled with adventures and unforgettable encounters.

Before entering the arena, the audience can enjoy a festive ambiance in the company of Sheriff Goofy and a live musical act.

It’s showtime!

Just as Walt Disney presented his film to the public, Auguste Durand-Ruel, the master of ceremonies of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, presents the show alongside Mickey, Minnie and their friends Goofy and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

All throughout the dinner show, Mickey and his friends will take part and join the audience in their epic adventure across the wild American West.

Wearing their cowboy hats and encouraged by Mickey and his friends, parents and children will support the colour of their “ranch” in several games and events held in the area.

The unique participation of Mickey and friends in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show will transport the audience into a grand celebration of the West!

The exact concept of the characters’ introduction still seems open to a little interpretation, but should the idea actually be that Mickey and the gang are visiting and taking part in the show with the audience, as spectators rather than stars, the transition may not be as painful as thought.

However, from a behind-the-scenes blog of the show, we can learn that “The Cattle Trail scene has become a full-blown Disney Character Ho-Down Musical” and that the characters “dance, sing, wave, and “speak” via recorded bites in various scenes.”

With word that the Disney Hotels have been offering tickets to the show discounted by 50% upon check-in in recent months, though, it may be that Buffalo Bill fans can’t be too picky about the invited guests. Nevertheless, the Native Americans in the cast still planned to sing a traditional native song to commemorate the end of the show as we know it.

Image © Disney.

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  • davewasbaloo  18th March 2009, 15:47

    My gut feel is this is the absolutely most bone headed thing they have done in DLP’s history. I cannot wait to hear how it really plays out. I hope it flops and they return the glory (but I doubt it)

  • GailyTennant  19th March 2009, 12:41

    What a pity they felt like they had to change something so good, authentic and really different from the parks with the introduction of Mickey! Dont get me wrong, i LOVE Mickey but this should show should have been left alone! Just like the Buffalo Trading company by the way!!!

  • Childrens love it !!!!! (guests too) Who brings the money to Disney ???? Faimilies “with” children

  • Does anyone know who are the natives playing the natives??

  • I really loved this show when I saw it some years ago. I think it was perfect as it was, sans Mickey and I don’t think this is gonna be a good move. It did give you a break if you were a bit ‘Mickey’d out’ without taking you too far outside the Disney atmosphere. This seems a real shame to me

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