Magical Party advertising starts at home

Sunday, 1st February 2009 at 23:48

Mickey's Magical Party advertisingThe advertising for Mickey's Magical Party has officially begun! In fact, it began as early as December, at that place we all like to think of as "home"... Disneyland itself.,

Following on the welcome trend begun with Crush’s Coaster and Cars Race Rally to use the resort’s main parking lot and its moving walkways to push the events or attractions you should return for soon, Mickey’s Magical Party began taking over the area late in December.

First, with banners and placards above the walkways:

Mickey's Magical Party advertising
Photo: Scrooge, Disney Magic Interactive

With a second style for the smaller spaces:

Mickey's Magical Party advertising
Photo: Mouetto, Disney Central Plaza

Then, with posters filling all the display cases along the route back to the car parks:

Mickey's Magical Party advertising
Photo: Scrooge, Disney Magic Interactive

Of course, if you’d like to start the advertising in your real home, you can do that too! The new Spring/Summer 2009 brochure is available now online to order or download, and has been taken over almost entirely by previews for the upcoming celebration year:

Mickey's Magical Party brochure

Mickey's Magical Party brochure

The general style and layout remains faithful to that set up for the 15th Anniversary brochures, merely redecorated with these new brighter colours. The back cover even reuses the same tagline — “The only one missing is you!”.

Like much of what we’ve seen of the party so far, the general idea seems to be “if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” — just make it brighter!

Photos as credited; brochure images © Disney.

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