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Buffalo Trading closes, Starbucks coming…

Monday, 26th January 2009 at 17:28

Buffalo Trading Co.Buffalo Trading Co., the Western-themed store in Disney Village, will close its doors tonight for the last time, with work soon beginning to bring the very first Starbucks to Disney property...,

The arrival of a Starbucks Coffeehouse was originally touted as long ago as last March, when rumours surfaced for two new dining locations in Disney Village. Though nothing was later heard of the second rumour, an Earl of Sandwich sandwich store, it became clear in July 2008 that Buffalo Trading Co. had become the preferred location for the first Starbucks within a Disney resort.

And today, 26th January 2009,  almost 17 years since it first opened with the Euro Disney Resort, Buffalo Trading Co. officially closes.

Buffalo Trading Co.

Member phantom247 on magicforum reports that stock clearance will begin immediately, with much of the remaining merchandise moved to Frontierland’s Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building stores. Cast Members will be repositioned to other Disney Village locations, with Starbucks arriving to fit out their new location as soon as next Monday morning.

Though cherished by many fans and fabulously decorated throughout, Buffalo Trading Co. was certainly not the most profitable of the Disney Village stores — not least considering its’ product line overlapped substantially with that of the Frontierland and Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne boutiques.

Buffalo Trading Co.

Originally intended as a partner to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, selling official merchandise from the show, the shop even has a large window through to the pre-show entertainment area of the dinner show arena behind.

Starbucks, for the uninitiated, is arguably the largest and most recognisable coffeehouse chain in the world, selling a large range of hot drinks along with small snacks and sweet treats. Though somewhat infamous for their aggressive expansion (“a Starbucks on every corner”), the chain has yet to arrive on any Disney resort property anywhere in the world. The closest they’ve come so far, in fact, is at Disneyland Resort Paris itself, with the branch over at Val d’Europe Centre Commercial that does, technically, lie on Disney property.

The arrival of this new establishment at Disney Village is intended to both increase dining capacity and introduce a new, informal venue for refreshments, outside of the main restaurants. For Starbucks, it’s a chance to position themselves alongside another famous — and now well-accepted — American brand in a country where they’ve been struggling to get a foothold.

But, for Buffalo Trading Co., it’s time to ride off into the sunset…

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  • Hi There,

    And how about the Starbucks at Ikspiari in Tokyo Disney Resort?
    Or is Ikspiari not non Disney property?

    Love your site by the way!

    Greetings Jeremy

  • first we get McDonalds in DLRP now we get Starbucks what ever next!

  • @Jeremy — Thanks! Never thought to investigate Ikspiari, so it looks like they beat Disney Village to it! Let’s say this is the first Starbucks within a Disney-branded area then, perhaps? ;-)

  • You’re welcome! Do you know if the one in Disney Village is going to be operated by Starbucks or by Disney?

  • It’ll definitely be a Starbucks operation.

    Having said that, and despite all the rumours and the closure of Buffalo Trading, there’s still nothing officially confirmed from either company!

  • I bought my bottle of DLRP 15th Anniversary wine in that shop , as well as a few other souvenirs during a few past visits. And I loved just browsing through the entire store. Sad to see it going. Glad I went through it a few times.

  • Never thought the day would come! Im soo upset its my fave shop! Nearly my 8th trip and it just wont b the same! They had great things that you just couldnt find anywhere else! Starbucks? What a pile of poo!

  • Darn, of all things that should be in there, they chose a Starbucks. Should have chose a Earl of Sandwhich, the food in there is amazing.

  • Can’t say I even realised it was there – after 8 trips to DLRP I’ve never been in it so it can’t have been that good – must admit though I wouldn’t go in a Starbucks either – think they could have come up with something a little moe original!!

  • That is a horrible thing to do. I LOVE that shop. Starbucks isn’t for kids!! I am distraught!!

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