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More preparations for busiest weekend of year

Friday, 19th December 2008 at 21:42

ImageEarlier warnings of exceptional attendance levels this weekend have been repeated, Walt Disney Studios Park will see its opening hours extended to 9:00pm and guests arriving by car are given special advice to avoid traffic chaos.,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and, for several years now, the busiest for Disneyland Resort Paris. As the success of the resort’s Christmas season has gone from strength to strength, it has truly replaced the Summer season as the key high season for the two Disney Parks.

However, all this festive cheer has a downside. Because, though Christmas Season runs for effectively the same length as Christmas, the core holiday period when families can visit is mostly condensed into just two weeks either side of Christmas Day itself. This weekend, between the 20th and 22nd December, is therefore the most hectic of all, not least in a record-breaking term where the resort is attracting over 15 million guests per year.

So, what are the preparations? On Tuesday, we spread word that the resort was taking the unprecedented step of advising visitors without hotel packages or dated tickets against visiting. However, as was pointed out, the warning was only posted on the ticket pages of the French official website — and furthermore, vanished a few hours after our article was published.

The warning was true enough, and the placement only on the French website was actually entirely intentional — trying to dissuade French visitors with cheap offer tickets from visiting at the busiest time of the year. Everyone is, of course, welcome to visit the resort this weekend, but you may well have to contend with some horribly busy parks.


Annual Passport holders were also given the warning, via an email sent out to the entire mailing list, suggesting visits would be better saved for another day.

Now, the Events Calendar pages of the official website have a different, additional warning in place:

Conseil Malin pour venir à Disneyland Resort Paris

Si vous désirez vous rendre à Disneyland Resort Paris avec votre véhicule, nous vous conseillons de planifier votre arrivée avant 9h30 ou après 11h30 afin d’éviter les ralentissements.

Nous vous conseillons également d’utiliser les transports en commun en empruntant le RER A, terminus « Marne la Vallée Chessy » ou les lignes de bus.

This is again an announcement we’ve never known from Disneyland Resort Paris — if you’re going to be arriving by car at the resort, you’re recommended to try to plan your arrival either before 9:30am or after 11:30am, to avoid tailbacks on the A4 autoroute and access roads. Or, an even better option — use the public transport options such as the RER A line or local bus services.

This warning comes after the huge traffic levels seen around the resort on recent weekends.


Finally, once all these guests are at Disneyland Resort Paris, they’re now being given a special Christmas treat to help cope with the huge visitor levels: extended opening hours at Walt Disney Studios Park!

Originally scheduled to open only from 10:00am to 7:00pm, the longest regular hours the park usually sees, an exception has been made to keep the gates of the Studios open right up until 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, likely to prevent Disneyland Park seeing an evening overflow of too many extra guests.

— You can find the updated opening hours on the relaunched DLRP Magic! Calendar.

[Lead image: www.photosmagiques.com]

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  • Why on earth did they introduce 1 euro tickets to french guests during the busyest season of the year without restriction of which days they could visit it should have been week days only Mon-Fri or not at all.

  • So, how bad was it?

  • We went there this weekend, never again with these amount of people, it was horrible. We had waiting times on the streets, just to get near an attraction. Waiting times up to 180 minutes. Unbelievable

  • Oh dear. Still, bad news for us is good news for the resort I suppose. Last year, January 2nd to 5th was as busy as August, but not unbearable, especially at night.

  • I was there on Sunday and the park has packed and it was similar on Monday too, No fastpasses available after 10am minimum one hour wait for most rides and at the Studio’s a 140 minute for Crush’s Coaster.
    People lining the street to watch the parade 2 hours before the start!!
    To be honest Disneyland Resort Paris should not allow these numbers through the gates the park cannot cope with such volumes, Restaunts completely packed, hour wait for a drink!!
    Everyone in the park looked like they had enough.
    Will they be back next year??
    We Won’t…………..

  • Just got back and never again
    20 minute wait for the toilets
    If your going between now and the new year forget it STAY AT HOME
    Trust me, Its not fun and certainly not magical

  • Just got back from 4 FANTASTIC days at Disneyland Paris (20th-23rd).
    I really don’t know why people are moaning. It’s Christmas and Europe’s #1 Tourist Attraction is Busy… really!!
    If you use fastpass wisely, go and combine rests with waiting to see shows/parades then you really were in for a time of Amazingly First Class Christmassy fun. If impatient, unrealistic whingers won’t be there next year, then it will make it even more special… or Are people posting these messages to put others off going at this time?
    p.s. Thank you DLRPmagic for youe BRILLIANT website and the warning re:21st Dec, it meant we took it easy that day and soaked in the atmosphere and did fun stuff that didn’t need queues…

  • I agree with Rob. We went over the weekend and whilst it was busy it certainly was possible to have a great time. A little planning and park knowledge was all that was needed. Surely crowds were to be expected even without the warnings?

  • I agree with Mark and Rob. I’ve never been at Christmas but my friend was just there on that busy weekend. She goes about twice a year but she’d never been on Christmas.
    Even with the massive crowds she absolutely adored it! She’s not the most patient of people and she didn’t mind enduring the extremely long queues for the rides she loved and didn’t mind sitting for 2 hours for the parades and shows. She says (and I agree with her) that its all worth it.
    If anyone moans about it they shouldn’t have gone. The warnings were put up so people could avoid the crowds.

  • Thank you Mark & Jennifer for your support!

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