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Warning: Sunday 21st December will be FULL

Tuesday, 16th December 2008 at 18:49

ImageDisneyland Resort Paris has taken the unprecedented move of issuing an advance warning of huge attendance levels at Disneyland Park this Sunday. Guests without a dated ticket are advised to visit on alternative dates.,

It’s not the kind of message you expect to read on the Disneyland website, but for this Sunday, 21st December 2008, the official line really is: don’t visit today.

The urgent notice has only been posted on the ticket pages of the French official website. It reads:

• Attention: Le 21 Décembre nos parcs vont subir une très forte affluence.
• Nos billets ne sont plus disponibles à cette date.
• Il est fortement recommandé aux personnes non munies d’un billet ou munies d’un billet non daté de décaler leur visite sur notre site à une autre date.

Roughly translated, this warning announces that, on 21st December, the Disney Parks will have very high attendance levels. Tickets can no longer be purchased for this date, and it is strongly recommended that people without a ticket or without a dated entrance ticket for this day reschedule their visit for another day.

If you’re staying at a Disney Hotel or you’ve booked a package including tickets at one of the partner hotels, your tickets will be dated and you will be guaranteed access — but do prepare for a very, very busy Disneyland Park, with waiting times in excess of 2 hours at most major attractions.

Image: Yao, Disney Central Plaza forum

This announcement comes just a week after Disneyland Park officially reached its capicity and the gates had to be closed. On Saturday, 6th December 2008, guests arriving late would have been faced with the sudden appearance of a “PARC DISNEYLAND – COMPLET/FULL” sign on the resort hub, with only the choice to visit Walt Disney Studios Park for the day instead.

Visitors on this day described long queues on the resort’s access roads and A4 motorway, with guests being allowed to park for free in a bid to ease the congestion. Disneyland Park’s official capacity is believed to be around 85,000 guests.

Image: Nicholas-c, magicforum

Though parks reaching capacity can be quite common at other Disney resorts, particularly Disneyland Resort in California, where the original Disneyland park regularly has to close its gates on exceptionally busy dates, this is a very new thing for Disneyland Resort Paris. Clearly, with now more than 16 million visitors wanting to experience the parks each year, their popularity is becoming too much to handle.

Whilst these kind of attendance levels are obviously incredibly bad for visitors on the day, they do highlight the need for further expansion and make it ever more likely. Notably at Walt Disney Studios Park, which still does not apparently present enough of a draw to sufficiently take pressure off its older cousin.

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  • Wow, great news for Disney: attendance keeps rising! I did notice, however, that Disney already removed the warning from their website…

  • True , I feel that the park does need to expand in a major way. Possiblity of a toontown-like land behind fantasyland station and replacing casey and storyland boats? I think it could just very well be on the cards…

  • robert metzler  17th December 2008, 17:58

    i am very happy that disneyland park is very full which to take three after 2005 money trouble that means hope to bring mickey toontown to disneyland park and very hopeful more park at disneyland resort paris .

  • I agree with Adam W, a few years ago, the Disneyland Park innovated with Buzz Lightyear. And I like the idea of still having new attractions to offer.
    In fantasyland, indeed, there could be made a great new family-ride.
    But in Frontierland they could build another bigger attraction around the railway station.
    And in Adventureland is a lot of space left to build a nice attraction, which will get more people to Indiana Jones as well.

  • Don’t replace Casey and the Storyboats!! Noo!!! I love those rides!! :) But they’re expanding Studio parks to include a toontown arent they?? I thought they were. :)

  • robert metzler  19th December 2008, 21:56

    toy story land is underway is next to toon studios staring to bult in next years for big 2010 part 2011-12 and wow is this new for disneyland paris here in usa magic kingdom and disneyland california are close to park when is full i am still hope for more ride and park at disneyland paris .

  • I visited DLRP this year arriving on 30th Nov and staying for 4 days. We got to the park gates around 5.00p.m. I have never seen so many people leaving the park even though it was open until 9.00p.m. that night! I have been many times for the Christmas Season and apart from New Year’s Eve which was manic it is definately getting busier which is great news for Disney and their bank balance but not so good for guests, we don’t want to have to wait in line for rides for hours. With more hotels as have appeared in recent years it will attract more people and Disney need to expand accordingly if they are to keep everyone happy.

  • Think the crowds this year were all down to the Auchan / Disney promotion which offered child Hopper tickets for 1 Euro! Seemed to be only on at the w/e? Wasn’t advertised at Disney but was in Auchan. Brilliant marketing / promoting I’d say especially as it is the children who force the adults to spend…



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