Pin Trading July 2008 releases

Tuesday, 1st July 2008 at 09:23

ImageWelcome to July! The month where Summer season returns, The Enchanted Fireworks premieres and a limited -- but mostly Limited Edition -- array of pins await! WALL-E and Bastille Day lead the way...,

Saturday 12th July 2008

Bastille Day 2008 (Rémy in Paris)
Limited Edition x900
Price 11.90 Euros

Stitch Europe Invasion No.5: Spain
Reference number 209501008037
Limited Edition x900
Price 10.90 Euros

Walt Disney Series No.3: The Band Concert (Mickey in Technicolor)
Reference number 209501008024
Limited Edition x900
Price 11.90 Euros

Wall-E (Pack of 4 pins)
Reference number 209501008066
Price 18.00 Euros

Mickey Summer of Champions 2008 Flags
Reference number 209401008068
Price 6.00 Euros

Mickey Summer of Champions 2008 Logo
Reference number 209401008069
Price 6.00 Euros

Pin Trading July 2008

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