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Disney Parks in Paris go smoke-free; New smoking areas announced

Friday, 14th March 2008 at 22:35

ImageFrom 1st April 2008, the two theme parks of Disneyland Resort Paris will officially be smoke-free zones. No smoking will be allowed in any restaurants, attractions or queue lines -- not even in the streets.,

But smokers… no need to fret. Because instead, the two parks will follow their US counterparts by introducing airport-style “designated smoking areas” in secluded corners of each land.

This news, first rumoured several months ago, follows the introduction of a complete “smoking ban” throughout most public buildings in France last year, when England notably also joined the rest of the United Kingdom for a similar ban. Disneyland Resort Paris have wasted no time in taking advantage of this new-found French distrust of the smoker, banning smoking throughout all restaurants several years ago and now confirmed, from April this year, to be taking the brave step to outlaw to designated corners the legions of smokers amongst the millions who visit the parks each year.

Each park will have at least one Smoking Area in each land — 10 in Disneyland Park and 4 at Walt Disney Studios Park. The full locations list, as first confirmed by member HTH2004 on Disney Central Plaza forum via the new park maps for the April season, is as follows (and we’ve created a couple of maps to help illustrate the expected locations) :

Disneyland Park

Click to enlarge

‘¢ Entrance (outside of gates to the left of turnstiles, next to toilets)
‘¢ Arboretum (terrace outside toilets next to City Hall)
‘¢ Central Plaza (near Discoveryland entrance)

‘¢ Fort Comstock (covered walkway outside toilets on right of land entrance)
‘¢ Pocahontas Indian Village (outside the former Pueblo Trading Post store)

‘¢ Restaurant Hakuna Matata (unused terrace opposite the restaurant)
‘¢ Au Chalet de la Marionnette (covered walkway next to Adventureland exit)

‘¢ Les Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin (former queue area of the windmill)

‘¢ Autopia (near the toilets to the side of the attraction)
‘¢ Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet (small square outside the entrance)

Walt Disney Studios Park


‘¢ Studio Photo/Strollers (next to the stroller rental building)

‘¢ Art of Disney Animation (between AODA and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye)

‘¢ Place des Stars (between Stitch Live! and CinéMagique)

‘¢ Piazza Sergio Leone (between Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Moteurs… Action!)

The Parisian parks will certainly have comparatively more smoking areas than their American counterparts, with Disneyland in California home to just three smoking areas and its neighbour Disney’s California Adventure park having four. Smoking laws and public feeling about the habit are, however, much stronger in California than much of Europe, and the two parks in Paris may well have a tough fight on their hands in keeping smokers to these designated areas.

It remains to be seen just how strictly they will be enforced by Cast Members, but large warnings will no doubt be placed throughout the parks in addition to new information and location markings on updated park maps. As for the smoking areas themselves, in the US parks these consist of some extra seating, bins with ashtrays and subtle, neatly-themed signs declaring the area as designated for smokers.

The areas chosen — or perhaps “condemned” — in Paris — soon to become “no-go areas” for non-smokers — should not cause too much concern for fans, largely placed in secluded corners and near toilets. It is particularly interesting to note that Fantasyland, the most popular land in Disneyland Park, will have only one smoking area — a brave choice, but one which will benefit the children enjoying its attractions no end. The designated areas should also bring an end to smokers lighting up in queue lines, during outdoor shows or in the middle of crowds waiting for parades. It should improve the atmosphere and enjoyment of the parks’ pathways, and in turn help to increase all-important ‘guest satisfaction’ even further.

From 1st April 2008, it’s the start of a great big beautiful smoke-free tomorrow…

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  • Oh smokers don’t fret, its no problem, just smoke where you want and be sure to blow it in my children’s face, shove the lit end in my babys buggy, why be different to the countless inconsiderate disgusting selfish stinking smokers in that euro disney park which is nothing more than an ash-tray. Its time to ban smoking completely in public places.

  • It’s a shame for considerate smokers like myself that are polite and adhered to the old rules.
    Not only did I not smoke in queues but I would also leave my spot in waiting for the parades to have one in a quieter spot.
    Because of some very inconsiderate people I now have to take time out of my day to go to special areas. I pay the same premium as everyone else to walk into the parks but will miss out, as will my non smoking partner

  • Also, in response to Bill, how dare you suggest that I, or any other smoker would deliberately blow smoke into a childs face and I find you totally disgusting to suggest we should put the lit end into a childs buggy. Yes they are inconsiderate smokers but you cannot compare that to child abuse, nor blame every smoker. Bet you’re not complaining that we contribute over £8 billion to the economy each year. If we all quit, where would they find that money? Out of all of pockets, I presume you do pay tax?

  • Thanks, Jenny, for proving there is a considerate smoker at DLP.
    But, it’s not up to you, it’s up to the resort. If you did not know before you got there that the parks were supposed to be non-smoking, you would probably leave the parks at the end of the day none the wiser.
    As it is, the Resort seems to adopt the French method of having small signs to show the smoking areas whilst not enforcing the non-smoking policy at all everywhere else.
    Please don’t take this as an anti-French message. I love France, but there is more smoking in Disneyland than in any of the bits of ‘real’ France I visit.
    And, for all its faults (ie: its a bit rubbish) they seem to manage the similar policy at Legoland Windsor. Maybe British smokers are more used to being oppressed, or maybe the rule is actually enforced.
    I guess it is just one more cultural difference that those of us from countries where smoking is frowned upon will have to put up with until the rest of the world (or the Resort) ‘catch up’. As it is, the current situation is a waste of some very small signs.
    If, however you need somewhere really quiet to relax, I can recommend the smoking areas behind Star Tours and by the toilets by the plaza entrance to Frontierland. Even on the busiest days, they are completely deserted.

  • DLP should come with a warning: may cause cancer.
    Here is a good way to enforce the rule. how about a 200 euro fine. take all of the road sweeps that go day by day sweeping up fag ends and give them the job of policing the matter. Having visited both American parks and seen the rules enforced I see no reason why dlp won’t be able to enforce it.

    On the note of smokers missing out. why not go with out for the 8-10 hours you are in the park. I pay entry money in to a non smoking park and that is what it should be. If disney cant do this then they should just say so and let every smoke everywhere then us non smokers wouldn’t bother and you can all smoke yourselves to death in a magical enviroment.

    Passive smoking to a child is the same as them smoking 2 cigarettes.
    I feel however the way DLP will shape up is sadly when little boy or girl comes home with some mouse ears a pulto doll and cancer. is that what you smokers want? For children to grow up smoking because in disney ‘where dreams are made’ it was o.k to smoke?

    I didn’t think so.

    I will not be returning.

    • I am a considerate smoker and it ticks me off that non-smokers are so high and mighty – now tell me how many cars you run and pollute the atmosphere with – how many unhealthy burgers do you gobble down along with your cokes – how many times do you say how great breaking bad is when it’s about drugs – so get over it and leave us full fare paying smokers alone. The only inconsiderate people are the ones who sit in smoking areas outside bars and restaurants and then still complain about smokers.

  • I totally agree with you Phil-hip but i will go back. I think disney should just ban smoking for the entire land they own. Which means smokers will have to leave disneyland if they want to smoke. :)

  • Owen  9 days ago

    Just to say to Jenny (I know I am 2 years late in this topic) but I don’t think Bill was meaning you would purposely blow smoke into a child’s face but more of what Sarah is saying and that when you are smoking, children will also be smoking passively. As far as I am concerned, smoking is wrong and cigarettes are a drug and therefore should be illegal the same as any other. You are not only killing yourself but are to others who don’t want to smoke. It is immoral in my opinion! DLRP done the right thing to implement this ban however I think governments across the world should ban it all together (like I said it is a drug) or at the very least banned in all public places.

  • Clara  8 days ago

    I am a smoker and do take offence to some comments placed about smokers. Every time I have been to the parks I have used the designated areas in the same way when I’m in every day life I move away from any children or others sat beside me. I too do not want someone smoking next to me whilst I wait for the parade or for a ride. The areas that have been chosen are away from entrances for the rides, in areas that most non smokers will not visit.

    France, and Europe as a whole, it culturally different from the States, more people smoke and it is more accepted. A blanket ban would mean more problems for staff tied up with those smoking in hedges and more people coming in and out of the park making queues larger. However, staff should be more vidulent on queues and around parade time.

    Please do not tar us all with the same brush.

  • The ban came in in 2008?
    Everyone still smoking everywhere in 2008, 2009, 2010 though.
    I try and smoke away from people (I don’t like used smoke either and I was raised when nearly everyone smoked. I try not to annoy people with my habit and to be as discrete as possible – there are plenty of empty areas in both parks. I also carry a small tin with me for used ends – I deplore seeing them on the floor – there are bins there after all with spaces at the front for cigarette ends)but only noticed about the designated areas a small note in the guide map this year. I also noticed signs for the smoking areas (nobody but me in them) and, although the queues still have the “no smoking in the queues” signs up (they have been there since 1992), I didn’t see any others around either park. I did, however, see many people smoking in the parks and doing so when passing cast members who took no action.
    They also still have the pots of sand outside many of the restaurants for people to use to extinguish their cigarettes before they enter. Odd for somewhere with smoking areas a good ten minutes walk away. They must accept that people are still smoking in the park. Maybe the Disney tradition won’t allow the CMs to upset the guests by telling them to put them out and are relying on the guests being responsible enough to follow the no smoking signs – of course, they need to put some up first.

  • I have just come across this topic, so am adding my thoughts. My husband and I never smoked around our ( or anyone else’s children ) so we always took it in turns to ‘ disappear’ and find a quiet corner somewhere, where we would not bother anyone when we began going to DLP in 1992, even though there were no designated areas. The park was not as busy back then as they are now, so I don’t remember smoking in ride queues or around the park really being a problem.
    However, it is now.It has got steadily worse over the last few years IMO, especially during the summer holidays. People walk blatently past CM’s puffing away, and are ignored.I’m not sure whether CMs have given up trying to stop people smoking as a lost cause, or just can’t be bothered.
    At Moteurs Action theatre last August, on a hot day ( so I was wearing shorts ) many people were lighting up as soon as the show finished, and everyone was crowding to leave the theatre. CMs were totally ignoring this, even though smokers were walking straight past them.
    As we were queueing for the exit, someone burned my bare leg with their cigarette, totally oblivious of what they had done. Painful enough for me, but at that level, it could have been a child’s face.
    We always go to the designated areas, although they are not very clearly marked on the park map, and some are hard to find if you don’t know where they are. The areas are not clearly marked as a smoking area either.
    My ( now adult ) son and I went to the designated area near Cinemagique, only to find a family sitting on the bench having a picnic.( bit of a shame, as I like to sit down ). We stood some distance away, so we did not blow smoke near their children, but began getting nasty looks from the parents. One then then made a comment to the other about us, and I realised they were English.
    I apologised for annoying them, but explained that they were actually sitting in a smoking area, and pointed out the small sign.
    They were rather embarrassed that we had understood their remarks, and apologised, saying that they had not seen the sign. I agreed that the areas should be more prominently advertised, and that I disliked all the people smoking in queue lines, during parades, and walking around the parks as much as they did.
    The American CMs are down on smokers like a ton of bricks if they light up in the wrong place.
    We were in a designated area in Animal Kingdom, when a CM arrived and told us quite firmly to put the cigarettes out – we said that we were in a designated area, pointing to the nearby sign. The CM was very apologetic, and said that it must be a new smoking area that he did not know about. I said that I would rather have diligent CMs like him around, even if he had made a mistake, and wished they had more like him in DLP. He was very surprised to hear about the smoking problem there.
    So come on DLP – train your CMs to get tough with guests smoking outside designated areas, and while you’re at it, do something about getting rid of the horrible graffiti appearing in the parks as well ( see Peter Pans Flight and Phantom Manor queue lines especially ).It was there in January, and people are reporting that it is still there.
    No excuse for that.
    The disgusting appalling behaviour of some guests is spoiling it for others.

  • Smoking in public areas, especially in those with large concentrations of people is inconsiderate in of itself. My 6 year old got ashes dumped on her arm (unintentionally of course) this weekend while at a park. Even if the smoker did not intend to do it, it did not hurt my child any less. Smokers hold their cigarettes outwards as they stroll, exactly at the height of our kids faces… I spent the rest of my vacation watching out so nobody walked straight into my child with their cigarette. This was not a Disney park but a park in Spain also with theoretical smoking areas.
    I am sorry for the considerate smokers but there are just too many who don’t care!

  • Just returned from a trip in January 2012
    Nothing has changed.
    Smoking in lines
    Smoking pretty well everywhere
    Breathing in face fulls of smoke for the whole period I was there with my grandson
    I can’t believe it is allowed in a park full of CHILDREN!!

  • If Disneyland Paris has any desire to enforce their “no-smoking policy” I completely missed it during my recent visit. It is an absolute free for all. Perhaps fifty years ago the jury was out on how harmful passive smoking can be to health; but not now.
    Shame on you The Walt Disney Company for facilitating this health risk!

  • Just got back from a two day trip (we go there often) and I saw ONE Cast Member pull a guy out of the queue for the Parachutes in Toy Story Playland because he was smoking. That was the only time I’ve ever seen this rule enforced. Smoke & ashes in my face during the new parade, etc. I’ve just sent in a complaint about this rule not being upheld but other than that…If I were to spray anything, like a stink spray, near them I’d get in trouble for sure. And I’ve seen butts in the flower beds and water features. It’s horrible. You just wanna do something, but what? Just want to annoy them as much as it annoys me somehow.

  • The only place i saw no smokers was in a smoking zone. It’s horrible for those of us with vasomotor rhinitis; I was hoarse & headache-y for a day after our visit. CMs did NOTHING about it & shrugged it off as the “French will be French.”

  • As a DisneyWorld almost yearly visitor with severe asthma it disgusts me they allow smoking at ALL in the park over there! I will definitely not be visiting the Paris park now, and will definitely complain to them! People who smoke should be polite to other peoples needs and smoke at home ONLY! Just a whiff of smoke throws me into a severe asthma attack! People don’t seem to realize you can DIE from asthma attacks!!!!!

  • We have just returned from a 3-day visit to EuroDisney and I have to admit the ‘no-smoking policy’ is still a joke! People smoking everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and absolutely no-one cared. One guy in the queue for ‘Casey Jnr’ ride was even smoking right next to a ‘No Smoking Sign’ – he even took the time to look at sign before carrying on smoking – lol!!!

  • Well some of the comments I think were a bit harsh above, I have come onto this site to try and find out where I can smoke so I don’t upset all of those who hate it. Unless you have been a true hard core smoker you can never understand what its like to go without or try and give up. I have tried on 4 occasions and still not succeeded. I just hope those inconsiderate smokers can understand that it is actually disgusting, we stink of stale smoke, and most parents really don’t want their children to see people smoke. But…. on the other hand I am a smoker and always will be until it gets me so I hope that places like Disney take us into consideration I don’t mind going somewhere out of site just don’t completely ban it as there are too many people just like me.

  • Having recently visited DLP with my two young children I feel compelled to comment on an internet forum for the first time. The levels of smoking are absolutely outrageous in this resort. Thousands of people puffing away with absolutely no regard for anyone else’s health or comfort. What was most shocking was the number of people casually walking around wielding a lit cigarette at the end of their arm – seemingly unaware or uninterested that it was directly at the eye level of my 3 year old. Had I not been vigilant, my children could easily have sustained a serious injury. Some on this board have commented that they have been considerate, but unfortunately from my experience, they are in the tiny minority. Most we witnessed could care less. We were in the resort for 4 days, and by the end all four of us had developed an horrible irritated cough directly as a result of the amount of smoke in the park. Smoking is a filthy habit that causes direct harm to others who do not choose to partake. Shame on Disney for allowing this in their Paris resort. It should be banned completely in a family environment. We will not be returning.

  • It’s really disappointing to read all of these comments consistently reporting that nothing is being done. If anything, it seems to have gotten worse, as the CM’s seem to just have given up on the idea of enforcement. We love Disney and it would take a lot to make us not want to go to DLP but it just doesn’t sound fun trying to avoid all the smoke. What a shame.

  • I emailed to complain about it last year too. It is a family resort and they really should be doing something about it.

  • I am at dlp now and the smoking is disgusting. The Cms go diddly squat to emforce a PARK RULE!I have seen them everywhere. It needs a health warning and a total ban.

  • Just come back from DLP, smoking was everywhere, around the rides, on the main parade, at eating areas, no consideration made if you have children with you. As the park is all about children, why not simply ban it if people won’t go to the proper areas. I was really looking forward to DLP but can’t say I would tell any friends or family to go there because the smoking was really bad. DLP you really need to deal with this problem.

  • It’s 2017 and it’s terrible. Smoking is everywhere. DLP staff are not doing anything on it, they act only when seeing a usage of selfie stick :) . DLP staff should do their work and instruct the smokers for designated smoking places.

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