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New brochure, no Tower

Tuesday, 13th November 2007 at 16:50

13-newbrochure-00.jpgSpring/Summer 2008, and not a Tower in sight... It seems only moments since the previous Autumn/Winter brochure was thrust under our dissecting eyes, now the next brochure is already available to order. What does the cover tell us? "More of the same"... ,

Yes, “more of the same” quite literally, in fact. Posted on the brochure ordering system of the UK Disneyland Resort Paris website, this latest brochure cover is for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2008 edition, the third holiday guide for the 15th Anniversary following the original Spring/Summer 2007 edition and second Autumn/Winter 2007/08 publication.

The cover uses what is expected to be the “key visual” of the extended 15th Anniversary The Party Continues season — more specifically, one of the original anniversary visuals we first revealed ourselves back in July 2006, now simply re-dressed with Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse and a fluttering red ribbon or carpet.


And that’s it — “The party continues”. So, are Stitch Live and that little Tower they’ve been building for the past two and half years no longer opening during this season?

Casually perusing brochures in their local travel agent, the average customer has no idea whatsoever that this Spring/Summer 2008 season will, in fact, mark the official launch of — you guessed it — The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Which, as we must echo once again, is without doubt the biggest single addition to the resort for over 10 years, since Space Mountain: De La Terre a  la Lune, infact.

Now would be a good time to dig up a little treasure from the past, then, courtesy of DLRP Magic!’s ‘Classic Brochures’ page. Long-time fans will remember the 1995 launch campaign of Space Mountain well, and the holiday brochure released in July of that year certainly didn’t disappoint — a dark and moody portrait of a rocket train being fired toward the moon, the mountain only vaguely visible as an ominous blue glow.


The holiday brochure isn’t the entirity of the campaign, of course, but it’s a good indication of where the resort’s marketing priorities will lie. The 2007 brochure covers made no mention of Crush’s Coaster or Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, two additions which would later be incredibly well-received by the public, and — would you believe it — practically no country other than France saw any promotion whatsoever for these two fairly major additions to Walt Disney Studios Park.

So, whilst The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will be given advertising at some point (in fact, it already is in some French locations), don’t immediately expect it to be the focus of next year’s campaigns. The best idea, it seems, is to stick with what works — regardless of any €160m attractions you might be opening.

What do you think? Should they be saying “The Party Continues” or “Drop In… if you Dare!” for 2008?

— Our UK guests can order the brochure here; Everyone else, look out for our usual preview soon!

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  • It’s a bit weard, but mayby it’s because of there are no pictures (offical ones) yet.
    Why continues the party by the way, it stops the 31th of March, isn’t it?

  • Judging by the financials announced recently they have decided to stick with a winning formula that appeals to a wide spread of guests. If they had led with a drop in if you dare message they may have appealed only to “thrill seekers” That’s only my opinion – what does everyone else think?

  • It’s very weird! They should promote it the same way as they did with Space Mountain. Everybody talked about it, and you couldn’t miss some adds for the attraction. And with it, it helped SM to same Disneyland. It’s now the turn for Tower of Terror. Everyone has to know this newest attraction, because it really can save Disneyland again. So please give it the same promotion as SM. Here in Holland, nobody have heird about Crush’s coaster or the Cars attraction, so don’t do the same with TOT.

  • Maybe they have now the same parks-and-resorts-marketing guy like germany ;-)

  • You can’t really compare the opening of Space Mountain de la terre à la lune with the opening of Tower of Terror. ToT is part of the 15th Anniversary continued celebrations, while Space Mountain 1 was “on its own” without any major celebrations.

    DLRP also did a survey all over Europe, 2000 people per country were questioned why they would come to DLRP next year: ToT or 15th Anniversary… About 80% said 15th Anniversary. Starting to get the picture? ;-)

    But don’t think they won’t do anything for Tower. In fact, there will be advertisements, contests and partnerships with local European newspapers, television stations, etc. for additional promotions.

    PS. There will be a 3 pages wide visual for ToT on the first pages.

  • In Germany we have no TV-Spots or Flyer in any of the magazines you can buy here. Nobody knows about the ToT if you are not a Disney Fan :-(

    In the earlier years we have a lot of TV Trailer from DLRP or anything else in brochures and magazines, so I don´t understand why Disney do this? It is the same with the new official booking brochure …….. :-) You see the cover and nobody knows about the new attractions …..

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