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Crush’s Coaster – The Official Ride Video

Saturday, 23rd June 2007 at 21:45

ImageWant to see how DLRP's official cameras picked up the action of Crush? Grab shell, dude! Following our look at all the Toon Studio publicty photos and officical Cars footage on Thursday, we can now take a ride from Crush's outside "splash" to his encounters with Nemo and Squirt, from a brush with flourescent jellyfish to a reconstructed ride on the EAC... ,

This special official footage has been prepared by the resort for posting on their Disneyland15.com Official Anniversary Blog. An article featuring the video was originally posted last week, though disappeared soon after following technical problems with the video. The video has now “resurfaced” and gives a (you guessed it) turtally unique view of the very first thrill ride based on any Pixar movie, anywhere – Crush’s Coaster. This will also be the footage we’ll see for years to come, whenever the attraction is featured in motion…


The footage is presented fairly “raw” – simply the resort’s new official footage of the new Walt Disney Studios Park attraction with some sound clips from the Toon Studio press kit over the top. The music is therefore rights-free, created for any press use on television, and not the music heard at the attraction itself – which is based on the film’s original score.

For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to take a dive on Crush’s Coaster yet, the video gives an excellent view of how the Walt Disney Imagineering-developed digital projection technology blends seamlessly with the coral reef and rocks surrounding the two identical projections – Nemo and Squirt appear completely believable, floating in the water-less undersea dark ride. The dazzling jellyfish are also shown, however the video footage available so far fails to feature either the Angler Fish or any of Bruce’s submarine attack.

As you will have noticed, the footage of the ‘EAC’ roller coaster segment is not taken directly from the ride itself, but created using one of the real ride vehicles against greenscreen – with some humorous faces from the actors on-board as they attempt to act out the ride. This version of the footage made available to the public doesn’t show the spinning effect, nor the true intensity of the ride, but allows us to see a very professional piece of promotional footage that will no-doubt be well-used long into the future with added voice-overs, etc in places such as the resort’s Disney Hotels information tv channel.

For fans, there’s no doubt it brings back fond memories of the 1995 Space Mountain footage, where the Disneyland Park roller coaster’s trains were shown flying through a virtual space, rather than the true ride.

Video footage © Disney.

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  • Crush’s Coaster is totally awesome dude! I think this is a great addition to the Walt Disney Studios park. The imagineers did a wonderful job on this attraction. The ride is SO smooth, and the visuals are beautiful. You have the option of starting out forward or backwards when you sit down in the turtle shell vehicle, and during the ride you spin around, but I liked starting out backwards a LOT better than sitting forward; somehow I saw everything a lot better. Does anyone else find this too?

  • is this a ride in a normal way,not like a rolercoaster??
    I am going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks.
    In Disneyworld you have TURTLE TALK were CRUSH is talking
    it is a miracle but very nice.

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