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No hurlin’ on the shell, dude! Just installed it!

Wednesday, 30th May 2007 at 20:36

ImageToon Studio is finally a real part of Walt Disney Studios Park, dude! First you were all like "whoa", and we were like "whoa", and you were like "whoa...!!!" ...And now, little over one week later, the Imagineers' final details are still springing up across the new land. Adding an important extra touch of 'character' to the land are both the brand new Sorcerer Mickey statue and this - a "totally awesome" addition - the real Crush's Coaster entrance sign.,

First we saw a marquee for ‘Crush’s Turtle Twister’ formed from a collection of undersea plants. Next, we had to imagine the same but with the name replaced by ‘Crush’s Coaster’. Then came a new concept of wooden beach posts sunken into the sand. Then came the opening of the land, and nothing more than a small logo on the wait time indicator. Now, Crush has officially arrived in Paris, and he’s brought a little gift from the Australian coast…

Image Image

Here it is, the final entrance signage for Crush’s Coaster! Weathered, faded and sunken into Toon Studio’s new beach, three large wooden posts (used to anchor boats to, perhaps?) hold the attraction’s welcome to guests. The attraction logo sign itself is large and loud, themed to a kind of beach warning sign and identical to the logo seen on the new Cast Member uniforms and on temporary signage seen around the new area recently. The logo features silhouettes of Crush and Squirt, with the graphics repeated above and below on the unusual diamond-shaped entrance sign. Compared to other entrance signage around the resort, this one is certainly quite unique.

And, as if the tide has suddenly vanished and left him balancing, Crush himself rests atop the tallest post in perfectly-sculpted 3D form, the latest in a sudden burst of character figures into the land following Luigi, Guido, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Mike Wazowski, the CDA and of course Sorcerer Mickey. The unusual pose depicts Crush resting on his lower shell, exposing his underside – perhaps guarding his shell from riders nearby, or pesky seagulls above?

Image Image

An extra little metal plaque holds the expected Disney-Pixar disclaimer. Despite their buyout of the Emeryville, California animation studio, Disney still appears required to feature this at every mention of the attraction. This one features a slight “spin” on the usual style, however, proclaiming “An awesome adventure from Disney and Pixar” rather than the usual “Inspired by Pixar’s…”.

Concepts for this signage pictured it with not only metal caps atop each of the three wooden posts but also some lighting for the main logo and a large undersea plant behind Crush, blending him into the location a little more. The lack of lighting for the attraction logo at least is quite apparent right now.

But hey, dude – pretty awesome already, right?

All photos by Photos Magiques.

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