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(Video) Candleabration daytime

Tuesday, 17th April 2007 at 22:13

(2/04/2007 - 18:00) "Keep your eyes open, 'cause this is gonna be one of the most magical moments... EVER!" Another article, another video - and another brand new entertainment production for the 15th Anniversary. Original, epic and, above all, magical - this is Candleabration, a grand early evening ceremony to celebrate fifteen years of dreams.,

But wait – to say this show is “grand” might conjure up the wrong kind of image. There’s no lavish sets, expensive props or pyrotechnics here. Step back and look at the action – what do we have? Performers, flags, hats, characters and one very special castle. It hardly seems like the makings of an epic, show-stopping Broadway musical, yet the moment the brass fanfare begins and those flags are waved in beat to the “Flying” theme… you’re part of something truly special. There’s talent at work here, and a whole lot of magic.

It’s spectacularly grand yet astoundingly simple. Unique and original yet completely inspired by The Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony. Brilliantly French and European yet filled with American Disney characters.

The strangest thing about Candleabration, though, (as almost any guest will notice) is its general performance time of 6pm. Performed under the spell of darkness at 9pm, as during last week’s busy Easter holidays, it’s a mesmerising show of dazzling lights and energy. Performed as the sun is preparing to set at 6pm, it’s a grand – yet slightly mellow – salute to fifteen magical years, with the ‘Bougillumination‘ restricted to the sparkle of ultra-bright LEDs across the castle.

But perhaps this is the real magic – if you’ve seen it once, you’ve still not nearly experienced the whole show. Rather like Disneyland itself.

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  • is there a website were i could downloads these videos?

  • There’s nothing spectacular to see, since candlebration begins à 6 pm.
    It should have been better to do it at night.

  • in july i have seen this show wiht my family live in paris.
    it was wonderfull! when you stay there, then you are a bewitched but unfortunately the battery of my camera was empty and i coud not filmed it. where can i get a kopie off this video?
    best greets günter

  • Candlebration is simply excellent at night, a highlight of staying at Disneyland Resort Paris during the 15th Anniversary Celebration. The music, dancing, the castle and Mickey – Disney at its best.

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