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Turtles, Cars and two fabulous dresses

Monday, 29th January 2007 at 16:40

We've seen visuals, we've seen concept art - and now, we can see the real thing. Disneyland Resort Paris has prepared some exciting new backstage photos ready to release to the press in the build-up to the launch of the 15th Anniversary Celebration, and they certainly know how to build some anticipation! Get a closer look at a turtle shell, a backstage look at a life-size Luigi and a brilliant glimpse at two dazzling new Princess dresses.,

We begin with Imagineer Beth Clapperton, who poses next to one the turtle shell ride vehicles from Crush’s Coaster in Toon Studio, holding plans to the entire track layout. The turtle shell follows all the usual standards of a Maurer Söhne Xtended SC-2000 car, with four seats back-to-back in rows of two. However, the car has also been extensively customised by the Disney Imagineers, extending the front and sides to perfectly resemble a turtle shell, with an incredible level of detail compared to other Disney ride vehicles.

The photo appears to have been taken on the break-run of the attraction’s “coaster” section, likely sometime in mid-2006 since the building does not appear to be fully enclosed. It also seems restraints and seat backs had yet to be fitted to the first vehicle at this point.

Next up, we move across to Cars Race Rally and into the backstage workshops of Walt Disney Imagineering, where a life-size Luigi is being crafted by hand for the upcoming attraction. Also sporting an exceptional level of detail, Luigi is due to appear at the Casa Della Tires photo location near the attraction’s entrance (see the map here), similar to the Mike Wazowski and CDA figures at the Monsters Inc Scream Scene location.

As you can see from the photo, it luckily seems that the resort have been given the rights to use the badge of this 1959 Fiat 500 on the real-life reproduction itself. Guido, Luigi’s forklift sidekick, is also expected to appear at the finished attraction, marking the first time these characters have been created in life-size 3D form.

Finally, the series of photos take us into the colourful Costuming Workshop at the ImagiNations building, backstage at Walt Disney Studios, for a glimpse at two stunning new dresses created exclusively for Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade. The dresses featured are Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, and the “one that started it all”, Snow White.

Along with rich, glistening fabrics and remarkable attention to detail, the dresses have been peppered with beautiful gold-laced leaves, petals and flowers (roses for Belle), allowing them to match perfectly with the garden-themed “Dreams of Romance” finale float where they will be featured. This is the first time such a high level of customisation has been used to allow the dresses to match their floats.

Sumptuous dresses, detailed props and “turtally” unique ride vehicles, all oozing Disney quality… as if the 15th Anniversary wasn’t an exciting enough prospect already!

All photos © Disney, courtesy of WDSfans.com and PhotosMagiques.com!

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  • Nataly Santos  17th October 2007, 19:30

    hey omg! i love your work. i am a huge disney fan especially beauty and the beast! ive been belle since i was 12 and when i was 4. i am now 17 and still dress up. my huge dream is to work in disneyland one day as a face character. i am a performer i sing and dance. i love broadway shows & musicals. And my long life dream is to come out on broadway as belle on beauty and the beast. i admire your work. i love disney so much!

  • Samantha Carroll  29th November 2007, 06:30

    Hey i love the Belle dress. For my Drama class I want to make a Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. My teacher says I have to base my design off the one in the play. I was wondering if any one could give me the name of the designer or give me some websites. Thanx!!!

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