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Your ticket to the dream

Sunday, 28th January 2007 at 21:41

Back in the "good old days", the ever-changing designs of the park passports was always a fun element of each visit to the resort, giving a sense of something new and different about each visit - and something nice to sell on eBay all these years later! With the introduction of a more modern ticket system in 2002, generic tickets became the norm for the past five years. Now, for the 15th Anniversary, they're finally shaking it up again...,

The new park tickets were announced at the Cast Member Rendez-Vous event earlier this month, and now the designs of the eight different new passport designs have been released. Each ticket option, Park Hopper and 1-Day/1-Park, will have four different designs, each featuring a different graphic from the set of fifteen candle-holding characters we’ve grown to recognise over the past six months.

The characters chosen to feature are Dumbo, Pinocchio and Pluto, with the fourth design presenting the full set of characters surrounding the large gold “15”. Unfortunately, the same set of designs are re-used for each ticket type, with colours and text changed, perhaps making the collection a little less exciting than if a larger number had been used. As reported earlier, Passe-Partout (Park Hopper) tickets are gold, whilst 1-Jour/1-Parc tickets are purple.

One noticable addition to these tickets is the text on the front. Early tickets simply featured the Disneyland Paris logo, whilst those from the past five years simply featured either the Passe-Partout logo or, for the 1-Day/1-Park, a set of Mickey ears. Whilst strange to see the text is presented only in French rather than the usual French/English combination, this should make it much easier for guests – and Cast Members – to see at a glance which ticket they have.

The tickets are expected to begin use on 1st April 2007, the official start of the 15th Anniversary Celebration, and will be used throughout the entire Anniversary year. Then, in March 2008, we’ll almost certainly get another new design – good news for collectors (and eBay sellers) !

Passport images © Disney, thanks to DLRP.fr

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