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The Francilien and the first fifteen

Thursday, 16th November 2006 at 02:04

So you want to get your hands on the very first 15th Anniversary item available to buy from Disneyland Resort Paris? That'll be 89€ please, for the "new" Passeport Annuel Francilien. Luckily, unlike the old PA Proximity which this pass replaces, the new Francilien is available to everyone, regardless of where you live. Has desperation set in?,

The most recent line of Annual Passports were launched back in 2004, replacing the Parc Disneyland, Francilien, Classic and Fantasia with the Proximity, Fantasy and Dream and introducing prices so low that an Annual Passport became a tough competitor against the 3-Day Passe Partout.

Now, the passports have been updated after a few years of plain sailing, to prepare them for the expected influx of new guests next year. The biggest draw will undoubtedly be the new Francilien, which still features the same 65 restriction days each year but, compared to the old Proximity, removes the need for the holder to be within certain nearby French departments.

The new pass is therefore available to all, giving guests an Annual Passport priced lower than a 2 day adult ticket… have they gone insane? I suppose the thinking here is that, with far greater crowds than ever before expected for the 15th Anniversary year, they’ve got to draw them in while they can. If they price Annual Passports stupidly cheap in 2007, then guests spotting them as a cheap option will certainly return again in years to come, hopefully renewing their pass as they do so.

Despite the name change, the price of the Francilien is the same as the Proximity – 89€, with the Fantasy and Dream also retaining their 2006 prices. For more changes, look to the passports themselves. In honour of the 15th Anniversary, they’ve all been given the 15-style Disneyland Resort Paris branding, along with an updated background featuring the resort’s favourite new “dreams” font. So, if you want to pick up the resort’s first item of 15th Anniversary “merchandise”, then it’s good to know what a steal these Annual Passports really are.

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