Pin Trading November 2006 releases

Thursday, 16th November 2006 at 01:21

ImageUpdate 19:08 GMT: Added artworks and "Minnie Disguise" series. Yes yes, apologies that I'm a little late with this announcement, but then Disneyland themselves haven't even found the time to post the pin releases online, and if you look at the newly relaunched official UK website there's no Pin Trading pages at all! Anyway, I digress... the November pins!,

Saturday November 4th 2006

Mickey winner pink
Reference number 209401006066
Price : 6.00 euros
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Mickey winner blue
Reference: 209041006067
Price: 6.00 euros
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Saturday November 18th 2006

Minnie Shopping
Reference number:209401007002
Price: 6.00 euros
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Mystery Pack 1
Reference number: 209401007045.
Price: 12.50 euros.

Mystery Pack 2
Reference number: 209401007046
Price: 12.50 euros

Stich Invasion WDS2 Catastrophe Canyon
Reference number:209401007017
Price: 10.50 euros
Limited Edition 900 ex.
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Set Pins Cuties
Reference number: 209401007008
Price: 18 euros

Set Pins Standard Character
Reference number: 209401007009
Price: 18.00 euros

Saturday November 25th 2006

Tinkerbell Flower
Reference number: 209401007007
Price: 6.00 euros
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Minnie Disguise – Belle
Reference number: 209401007012
Price: 6.00 euros
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Minnie Disguise – Cinderella
Reference number: 209401007013
Price: 6.00 euros
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Minnie Disguise – Sleeping Beauty
Reference number: 209401007014
Price: 6.00 euros
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Minnie Disguise – Snow White
Reference number: 209401007016
Price: 6.00 euros
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Minnie Disguise – Tinkerbell
Reference number: 209401007015
Price: 6.00 euros
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No word yet on what the two “Mystery Pack” releases will be, but this announcement does at least confirm that the second Stitch WDS Invasion pin will be Catastrophe Canyon. I try to keep personal opinion out of these articles, but what are the chances of the flash flood getting him, do you think?

Anyway, more pins featuring the Studios is a good enough event to endure more endless Stitch releases, and allows for some interesting possibilites… Aerosmith Stitch? Stuntman Stitch? Flying Carpet Stitch? Pink Elephant Stitch? or maybe even Julie Delpy Stitch?

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