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Disney’s Bonfire Spectacular 2006

Thursday, 9th November 2006 at 00:04

To celebrate the very British tradition of Bonfire night, Lake Disney at Disney Village is currently being set ablaze by an enormous bonfire and spectacular fireworks, all choreographed to classic music from Disney's Fantasia. The three performances each year attract thousands of extra guests from the UK and beyond, so what's all the murmuring about?,

Actually, it’s more of a full-on fizzle, crackle and BANG! The giant production over Lake Disney uses the largest amount of fireworks for any show all year at Disneyland Resort Paris, combined with fountains and the bonfire itself to create an epic 19-minute experience.

Before the show, the crowds are kept buzzing with British music favourites from past and present, showcasing bands from Queen to Keane – a pleasant break from the usual Disney Village DJ. With such a massive show area, the final announcement before the unique show states only that the spectacle will begin “shortly”, before lights around the lakeside (including PanoraMagique) are gradually turned off. Luckily so far featuring none of the 2 hour delays of 2005, the 2006 season of this overlooked event appears incredibly successful.

And, in typical British fashion, not a single person in the audience can resist saying “right, that’s it, we can go home now” after the first, single, lone firework explodes.

The show is performed over Lake Disney and is totally free to watch, the best views being from anywhere between Newport Bay Club and Hotel New York, near Sequoia Lodge. 2006 performance dates are the 6th, 8th and 10th November, whilst next year the show will return on 5th, 7th and 9th November. If you can’t make it to see the final show of 2006 on Friday, don’t worry – we’ve got an exclusive video of Disney’s Bonfire Spectacular 2006:

Disney's Bonfire Spectacular 2006
Video by DLRP Magic!

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