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A splash of blue for the new Studio 5

Friday, 29th September 2006 at 12:51

Do you see it? Do you see it?! No? Well, in its own small way painting of the giant showbuilding for Crush's Coaster, Studio 5, has officially begun! Unfortunately, the new splash of sky blue paint is currently a very tiny spot on the side of the building, hidden for the most part by the queue canopy of Flying Carpets Over Agrabah... They're just teasing us now, aren't they?,

The small splodge of blue paint is located just to the left of the attraction’s future exit doors, therefore is likely just a quick test coat from the Imagineers before they let the painters get started. To the right of the exit, you can also see some coats of white paint, though that’s as much as a fleeting glance from the Flying Carpets can get you at the moment.

Any paint fans (or DLRP Today readers suffering from strained eyes after trying to spot the paint) shouldn’t be too upset though, since a quick step around the front of the attraction reveals an extra splash of a deeper blue, for the rocks around the front of Studio 5.

Previously a chalky light blue colour, one of the rocks towards the middle of the facade has now been given a much darker painting job, more similar to the dark blue/purple rocks of initial concept arts. Not only does this add a very bold, vibrant colour to the new Toon Studio landscape, it should also sit nicely against the lighter sky blue of Studio 5.

Photos by nicoetsab on Disney Central Plaza forum.

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