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Birthday wishes, Bill!

Tuesday, 8th August 2006 at 17:56

On this most special occasion, I'd like to send a shout out to someone very close to all of us who is officially celebrating their 1st birthday today. It was exactly 12 months ago to this day that the first signs of a new arrival became clear at Disney Studio 1 in Walt Disney Studios Park, and over one Summer night the day-to-day life of Front Lot was changed forever...,

It began with scaffolding, building and building, higher and higher… Was it a refurbishment? Was it a set of gallows for Michael Eisner? No and no – it was a record-breaking new attraction for the Studios! One of the biggest billboards in all of France!

Originally celebrating the release of Chicken Little, by 3rd April 2006 the little Billboard had grown in size further and changed his affections to Pixar’s Cars. Still towering over Front Lot after 12 months, the future of the billboard seems uncertain.

With no major animted Walt Disney Pictures release for many months, what are we to expect? ‘Cars’ could stay until the DVD release of the movie. It could even stay until June 2007, when the ‘Cars Race Rally’ attraction actually opens at the park.

Whatever the future holds in store, happy birthday, Billboard! You’ve brought us more respect than ever before for the elegance and beauty of Front Lot!


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