Marvel attractions confirmed in 10 year Disneyland Paris investment plan

Thursday, 30th March 2017 at 17:54

Marvel attractions coming to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is looking to invest €2.1 billion in new and upgraded facilities across the resort over the next ten years — including Marvel attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park, a Shareholders Meeting document confirms.

Setting out anticipated capital expenditures for the next ten years, as part of The Walt Disney Company’s cash offer for remaining shares, Euro Disney S.C.A. reveals a 10 year programme totalling €2.1 billion.

Marvel attractions coming to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

The most eye-catching statement, however, is the confirmation that Marvel attractions are indeed headed to Walt Disney Studios Park — and that’s Marvel attractions, plural. In fact, the English language document uses the term “A&E”, presumably meaning attractions and entertainment.

This confirmation comes just a day after CinéMagique closed at the park, with rumours pointing towards the plot housing a Marvel superheroes-themed indoor stunt show.

Previous rumours going back five years or more have suggested the whole of Backlot at the second park could be transformed into a Marvel land — Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith was pinpointed for a Spider-Man retheme.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure Hong Kong Disneyland multi-year expansion project
Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure and Hong Kong Disneyland’s future Marvel Superheroes Tomorrowland

Meanwhile, if CinéMagique does play host to a new Marvel entertainment production, this surely (and sadly) makes California’s permanent Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! transformation that much more likely to take over The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at our park, too.

Hong Kong Disneyland is also developing its own Marvel attractions, to be opened between now and 2023, which could provide a source of further crossovers.

Although €2.1 billion is a huge figure — and roughly twice the cost of the $1.1 billion Disney California Adventure park overhaul — spreading it over ten years gives an annual investment of around €210 million. This is higher than some of the resort’s darker years, but not actually too much of a “big bang” investment.

The figure also includes all other ongoing and upcoming refurbishments, including the major renovations of Disney’s Hotel New York and Disneyland Hotel, expected to happen from 2018. Refitting that number of rooms doesn’t come cheap.

Of course, this is also only the current Disneyland Paris operating group’s anticipated investment schedule — if The Walt Disney Company succeed in their share buyout and become the sole, 100% owner, they could decide it needs much more, much faster.

• Find all the documents related to the “Simplified Cash Tender Offer” here.

Thanks to @jorisvandael for the tip.

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  • Bye bye DLP. I have no interest in Star Wars or Marvel and with the high costs I’ll be going elsewhere after my visit this year.

  • Glad I could be of service :) I feel no affinity to Star Wars or Marvel or whatever, so I feel like I’m slowly saying goodbye to DLP. I do however realize that this is my personal opinion, and if this is the future of the Parks, they should go for it.

  • Richard Hulland  30th March 2017, 22:01

    if they want to get rid of the english language in attractions such as Star Tours it looks like a lot more english guests will abandon Disneyland Paris for WDW.

  • Looking forward to these new attractions, sad to see the old stuff go, but got to keep moving with the times. My son might want to go to DLP once it’s all built, tho 10 years time he will be 17!!

  • Daniel Hartley  31st March 2017, 10:51

    I am totally fine with a franchise such as marvel being (Key Word) added to the second park. Especially if only contained to that section of Armageddon, the Aerosmith ride and maybe motors action. Just as long as they stay there or expand behind motors action and add a scene to a section of the tram tour that is currently just trees on that end.

    I personally have no interest in marvel or star wars apart from Deadpool and I understand that star wars is popular and such but I hate it when they just focus on one thing because it brings in the dough. It’s not very “magical” to do so.

  • I would like so see some Marvel attractions in the Studios park, but I am sad to see Cinemagic close. I’m glad I got to see it again when I went last September. Now the Armageddon attraction, that can be replaced. I am also glad that we will still have TOT in Orlando and Tokyo (for now).

  • Andrea I’m not sure why u would stop going to Disneyland just because of marvel/Star Wars attractions. There’s still plenty there that won’t involve these brands. Now the high costs I agree are an issue.

  • We love the marvel/ Star Wars stuff, but we’ve done everything in the parks already. A new attraction or 2 isn’t enough to justify the rising prices in my mind.

    Though to be fair, I understand they’ve been losing money for years and it would be a shame to see it go under. At least we got to see the last screening of cinemagique before it closed. They even gave us a special commemorative ticket for it.

    It’s just in total we spent almost £1500 for a week there without spending money. The new price hikes would make that in excess of £2000. Why bother when you could have a week in Florida for £3000?

  • noooooooooooo  13th April 2017, 20:56

    Whatever they do, I will not allow them to take Rock N Rollercoaster nor the Tower of Terror away from me! NEVER!

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