New book ‘Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams’ coming in April with 500 photos

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Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams book

New Disney theme park book alert. From California to Florida, Paris and beyond, the alert siren rings out. That most anticipated and coveted line of souvenirs from the parks is about to have a new tome to add to its shelves. And for once, this one’s all about Disneyland Paris. Totalling 192 pages and 500 photos, “Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams” (or “20 Ans de Rêves”) has been written and produced especially for the 20th Anniversary. It will guide readers from the planning and grand opening of the resort in 1992 through 20 years of development, changes and events at the resort.

Available as a single edition, the book will include both French and English texts, with forewards by Tom Staggs and Philippe Gas, and afterword by Tom Fitzgerald. Priced at €49.99, the book will be exclusively available only at the resort itself, in eight separate, as-yet unconfirmed boutiques. A first print run of 5,000 copies will go on sale in mid-late April. We’ve been informed that, although Disney are pushing hard to have it available by 12th April 2012, there could be a small delay.

The 192-page size is certainly substantial enough: the same as the wonderful Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real.

Though Disneyland Paris has produced numerous glossy souvenir photo books detailing current attractions, it has never published its own, complete history of the resort. Only the revered Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality, published by Nouveau Millénaire Editions, has provided a true insight into the design and creation of the original park. Considered as “the bible” for Disneyland Paris fans, it is now only available as an expensive, limited collectors’ edition.

If you already own From Sketch to Reality, this new book aims to be perfectly complementary to its contents, full of new content and in no way a reptition. Not only will it feature the full 20 years of Disneyland Paris history, including photos and concept art from Walt Disney Studios Park, but also a closer focus on the progression of the resort from opening day to today. While From Sketch tells you how the parks were designed, 20 Years of Dreams will very much be the “what happened next…”

As soon as the book hits the shelves, we’ll race you to The Storybook Store…

PHOTO Disney Magic Interactive, Disney Showcase Key

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  • David Oppenheim  2 days ago


  • Martin coombs  2 days ago

    Any idea of cost?

  • Jorn  2 days ago

    Must-buy for any Disneyland Paris fan and sounds to be a great addition to From Sketch to Reality. I hope the physical size of the book will also be comparable.

    I’m not so keen on the dual language thing though; probably a lot of room necessary for the texts in both language which leaves less room for photos, concept art and pictures. But then again; why complain? We should applaud the resort for publishing this book, a Disney Parks’ first I believe? (Official behind-the-scenes book on one park/resort)

    • There have previously been “Art of” books for both American resorts and a book titled “Since the World Began” for Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary, which may well have been the inspiration for this.

      Paris is very lucky to now have two dedicated books, including From Sketch to Reality.

  • dagobert  2 days ago

    IIt will be a nice addition to all my Disney books. It was about time that Disney releases a good book about the history of the resort.

  • Andy  2 days ago

    I’m at Disneyland in May, hopefully there will be some left

  • Kevin  1 day ago

    I love the disney park dvd’s I’ve got the one that’s made in 2003 and the last one( the last one with Mickey and Minnie and the disneyland castle and the tower of terror in the back ). Does somebody knows when there will be finaly a new park dvd?

  • jennytablina  1 day ago

    I have “Since the World Began” – it’s a fantastic tome which looks at the building of WDW and the changes that took place. It also has a chapter on Animal Kingdom containing tons of the concept for the park, including the sadly scrapped beastly kingdom.

    Hey DLRP magic, I am going 22nd April, will that be late enough to get a copy of this book? XD Also rather glad to see the book will be using older design schemes to represent the years : )

    • I wouldn’t like to say for sure, but going on 22nd April you probably have a very good chance of picking it up, yes!

  • Tom  1 day ago

    Only available at dlp?! :(

    Why? I’m not planning a visit, but I HAVE t have the book!!!

  • p7389  1 day ago

    I wish there were some way of getting this without going. I’d like to go, it’s just not happening this year…

    • p7389  1 day ago

      Could I use this? I have addresses in Sweden and the USA…

      • I email to DLP Mail Service and the said this: “Regarding your request, the 20th anniversary book will be available on April 23rd

        Price: 49.99€ We do not take order for the moment.”
        I can`t go to the park, and I want the book too but i don understand if will be available, form dlp mail service also.

  • Richard Pilbury  1st April 2012, 17:41

    Fantastic book the ultimate history book of 20years of Disneyland Paris it’s a must have for any Disneyland Paris like myself who’s a devoted Disney fan

  • Will it be available through mail or telephone order? I live in the USA!

  • Yes, will it be available to order off a webpage, then mail with a shipping charge? I would gladly do this since I’m in the other hemisphere. Thanks!

  • What a great addition to my current Disney Parks book collection. One question… How limited will it be?

    I am going on the 1st of July – would it be out of stock then or will it be a larger stock?

  • Bought the book in DIsney Village Wedensday and it is all worth the money. Amazing picture and 20 years of scrapbook with reconicable highlight from every 20 years. For our 10’th visit in Disney Paris is was a journey down memory-lane being there at the 20’th aniversery – dont hesitate to buy the look; it is a numerous of pictures and information in hard back copy.
    We have just spend 5 days at the New York hotel. We have been to Disney Paris every second year all through the 20 years, and we where there at the opening to. And being there at the anniversery is a great pleasure – Disney really know how to celebrate!

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