Disneyland Paris gets the Tilt-Shift treatment: Amazing “model” video of the parks and rides!

Wednesday, 16th March 2011 at 16:01

If you follow the official Disney Parks Blog you might have already enjoyed the superb “Tilt-Shift” videos of Magic Kingdom and Epcot at Walt Disney World, which turned those grand Disney parks into something resembling a toy train set or stop-motion animated film. Well, great news Disneyland Paris fans — they’ve taken a trip across the Atlantic! A brand new Disneyland Paris tilt-shift video premiered just hours ago today, in honour of the ninth birthday of Walt Disney Studios Park. Take a look above — it’s a seriously beautiful piece of work.

As the Disney Parks Blog explains, “Tilt-shift videos like these use different photo angles, focus settings and color saturation adjustments to make the subject of a photo appear miniature.” And most awe-inspiring, “It took more than seven months and 4,000 photographs to produce this 2:38-minute clip.” The variety of attractions, events and locations captured is truly impressive, far greater than the two earlier single-park videos, successfully making everything from Disney’s Fantillusion to Moteurs… Action! look like a small-scale model magically coming to life. We even get to see the up-scaled Toy Story Playland attractions downscaled again to the size of a toy!

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  • Steve  8 days ago

    This incredible. I love tilt-shift photography and know how much work goes into altering just 1 photo – 4,000 is mind boggling.

  • Dave  8 days ago

    This is absolutely brilliant! It brings all the magic back for me.

  • Dagobert  7 days ago

    I love that video. It’s the best tilt shift video Disney ever created. This might be the first time that TSPL looks nice.

  • Elaine  5 days ago

    I love this.

  • Karen  3 days ago

    Wow this looks amazing, thunder mountain looks brilliant, can’t wait to go again.

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