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Park boutiques given extra G-Force

Tuesday, 8th September 2009 at 13:05 by

G-Force MerchandiseIt's that time of year again! Another new release from Walt Disney Pictures, another brand new collection of merchandise in the stores of Disneyland Paris. This time, it's all about Ginaueau... Gineau.. Guinae... household pets!,

Yes, ever keen to extend their worthy history of Armageddon, Gone in Sixty Seconds and, err, Kangaroo Jack, Jerry Bruckheimer Films have turned to those most daring of squeaky animals — guinea pigs! — for a new action/adventure family film released earlier this Summer.

And here’s the obligatory news story about the new movie merchandise in the parks: A full display at the entrance of Legends of Hollywood inside Disney Studio 1 has been given over to the Digital 3-D rodents of G-Force, complete with spy glasses, action figures and of course, plush toys.

G-Force Merchandise G-Force Merchandise

The same collection can also be found at Sir Mickey’s Boutique in Fantasyland and at Disney Store and Hollywood Pictures in Disney Village.

Pictures: DLRP Today.com

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Disneyland Paris Special Offer


  • Lisa  7 days ago

    haha something tells me you are less than impressed with this

  • Cendrillon  7 days ago

    G-Force in Fantasyland?!
    Great theming there, Disney.

  • Not at all Lisa! The film looks a bit dubious (anyone offer us a quick review?) but it’s always good to see the resort staying on top of the latest releases, without the involvement of a giant billboard…

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